Why can't we quit........????????

Smoking initially started in the 9th century in the form of reeds and smoking tubes.

This picture here shows a Mayan priest smoking from a smoking tube. However smoking crept into the modern era through France in 1845. The Crimean War and World Wars I and II were huge reality advertisements for cigarettes.

Indian cigarette smoking habits can be attributed to British habits though India had seen the use of 'hookahs' before that. Smoking of 'ganja'(marijuana) and 'charas' are still common among rural Indians.

However,current Indian smoking is sustained by the very
kind co-operation of ITC. Its target customers were primarily the adults but us students have taken to it also. Smoking is a delightful sensation for us who smoke, unfortunately, not so for those who dont smoke. I dont want to get into any debate here with non smokers or passive smokers rather I would like to share the joy of fragging.

It's a rare occassion that I come home after my evening 'adda' and my mother does'nt tell me and I quote "Tui abar khyechs?????". Not that I am the boy with the 'truthful' tongue but still in those situations resistance is useless. The smell is so evident. Nothing but a wry smile on my face......and "oi majhe modhe ekta khai ar ki.......". I've had long lectures about the harmful effect of smoking from friends,elders including parents and even doctors and its for my own good but the thrill of spilling a couple of rupees over 'My Precious' Wills Flake is too much. Lets always remember what the very famous comic character The Mask said ........"SMOKIN......".

Here are a few pictures to enjoy:
Well back after a long time......but I hav'nt got a lot of things to write about.....actually I'm tired.
My blog is actually boring.....nothing much in it....but I'll try to make it more interesting in the future.....