Four more days. Just four more days. 26th November comes back to our lives. From The horror that Mumbai encountered a year back it really has been a remarkable recovery the city has made. Mumbai....the city that never sleeps. Yes, the Mumbai which belongs to us Indians and not to any maniac leader who claims that it's only for Marathi's. Well unfortunately for Mr. Leader the whole of India prayed that day....hand in hand with Marathi’s. Our respects to those who sacrificed their lives in that time of peril. What next.....???? We spent the next week eyes glued to news channels....mothers across the nation shed their tears at the sight of a proud mother prodding the face of her lifeless son. Week after that it was the candles and the prayers and finally the promises. Yes, finally the politicians came to the forefront. They were bloody sorry, you could see it in their eyes. Oh and all of them wore white (sarcastic or not you decide....). Next week we came to know about the many new commando centres to be established across the country. Week after that we had our ministers inaugurating those NSG Centres. Time flies....it’s been a month since the attacks.....I don’t even remember all the names of the glorious dead....??? Nothing to worry though.....we’ll brush them up by the time the year turns around. What is important is that their sacrifice made an example and once again our nation was saved.

Now we a perfect 24x7 border surveillance across the country and we are safe. Nothing is happening anymore....we’ve had Lok Sabha Polls, Champions League T20 and so much more. And then suddenly it’s mid-November. The candles are getting ready, everyone’s got those prayers rehearsed and the martyrs are reminded once again. Suddenly everyone knows when and where the first bullet was fired and all other minor details. Slowly but rather heavily....26th November arrives....and the day rushes by....the whole country is in mourning. Average tear fall is at an all time high and once again India reminds the rest of the world what a strong and resilient nation it is.

Sadly, what is does forget to remind is its incompetence. The police still roam about with 303’s and the Naxalite’s have better equipment than them. I mean no offence but we did hear about some commando training centres.....did we??? Stop it man......you’re asking questions. Politicians don’t like questions ....leave them alone....let them work. These guys have just experienced a landslide victory in the polls. It was the public who gave their verdict. Are you asking questions about the judgment of the people? Hell no, wouldn’t dare to do it. But as a citizen of India don’t I have the right to ask..???

Someone shouts at me, “Fool, look around you, security is so tight ...nothings happened after that fateful night. We are safe.” Yeah.....at last we are safe....Hell no, when are we going to stop fucking pretend that we are not. When are all these false promises going to stop, when are all these ‘jihad’s’ going to stop, when is all this turmoil going to end...???? A dark silence follows this question....no answers......or is it....wait I can see someone....he’s clad prominently in white....Yes, just as I presumed....another politician. More condolences, more promises.....after all the security measures he described I’m feeling safe after all. God, these people are damn convincing. So again we kick start our mornings and keep our fingers crossed that 26/11 never comes back in any of our lives. We hope against hope and we craft a dream out of our nightmares and we move on. After all we are very brave people....we heal our scars quickly. Everything is up and running again. We will remember our heroes...we will honor them.....we will shed our tears for the fallen....and we will fight on against this terror. Every year from now we shall keep on doing it.....until another such day arrives....another city....another set of names on the heroes’ column....another reason to mourn. So I wait. India wait’s.

Why can't we quit........????????

Smoking initially started in the 9th century in the form of reeds and smoking tubes.

This picture here shows a Mayan priest smoking from a smoking tube. However smoking crept into the modern era through France in 1845. The Crimean War and World Wars I and II were huge reality advertisements for cigarettes.

Indian cigarette smoking habits can be attributed to British habits though India had seen the use of 'hookahs' before that. Smoking of 'ganja'(marijuana) and 'charas' are still common among rural Indians.

However,current Indian smoking is sustained by the very
kind co-operation of ITC. Its target customers were primarily the adults but us students have taken to it also. Smoking is a delightful sensation for us who smoke, unfortunately, not so for those who dont smoke. I dont want to get into any debate here with non smokers or passive smokers rather I would like to share the joy of fragging.

It's a rare occassion that I come home after my evening 'adda' and my mother does'nt tell me and I quote "Tui abar khyechs?????". Not that I am the boy with the 'truthful' tongue but still in those situations resistance is useless. The smell is so evident. Nothing but a wry smile on my face......and "oi majhe modhe ekta khai ar ki.......". I've had long lectures about the harmful effect of smoking from friends,elders including parents and even doctors and its for my own good but the thrill of spilling a couple of rupees over 'My Precious' Wills Flake is too much. Lets always remember what the very famous comic character The Mask said ........"SMOKIN......".

Here are a few pictures to enjoy:
Well back after a long time......but I hav'nt got a lot of things to write about.....actually I'm tired.
My blog is actually boring.....nothing much in it....but I'll try to make it more interesting in the future.....


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